What is CHAS?

The CHAS Health and SafetyAssessment Scheme is a pre-approval scheme to allow contractors to show potential clients that they meet the required health and safety standards.

The main purpose of CHAS in common with many of the management standards is reduce the need for repeated assessments and audits by external companies.

By registering under the scheme and meeting the required standards, an organisation is able to demonstration they meet the required standards for Health and Safety required by many larger organisations such as local authorities and government backed schemes.

How do I become CHAS approved?

It is quite easy to make the application yourself it just requires completion of a form and submission of your existing Health and Safety documentation. However if you are not familiar with the scheme the process is lengthy and time consuming  and there is a chance of being declined especially if your health and safety system is not up to scratch.

Select Consultancy Services  can provide you with help with the  CHAS application process. We have worked with numerous firms to help them gain CHAS status.

We will review your current documents and work with you to make any required changes where required we will attend sites to make sure the documents are relevant to the work to be undertaken. Our prices are based on a completion of a satisfactory application so are guaranteed. If you would like help Contact Us