Introduction to Health and Safety at Work has been developed for the NEBOSH National General Certificate in Occupational Safety and Health. Each element of the syllabus is covered by a dedicated chapter. The successful previous editions have also found ready acceptance for other NVQ level 3 and 4 courses in Health and Safety.

As an introduction to all areas of occupational safety and health the book is also a practical reference for managers and directors with health and safety responsibilities and safety representatives. It covers the essential elements of health and safety management, the legal framework, risk assessment and control standards.

Accident Book UK health and safety legislation states that all accidents that happen at work must be recorded. This book is designed for a Health and Safety Officer or a First Aid Officer, to record all the critical details of any accident. An outline of employer and employee obligations is provided, along with instructions on how to correctly complete the report pages.

Health and Safety at Work Essentials [Paperback] Find out how your business can simply comply with the extensive range of health and safety rules and regulations. Written by specialists in health and safety, ‘Health & Safety at Work Essentials’ is a handy, ‘one-stop’ guide for anyone responsible for health and safety issues in the workplace. It sets out the background to health and safety law and provides practical health and safety advice on how to: prepare your own health and safety policy document, assess the health and safety risks in the workplace, provide health and safety information to your employees or colleagues, react when a health and safety accident occurs, train your workforce in good health and safety practice, cope with an investigation by the Health & Safety Executive Now in its sixth edition, ‘Health & Safety at Work Essentials’ has just been updated in line with current guidelines and practices.


Health, Safety & Environment Test for Managers & Professionals: GT200/12 (Managers & Professionals) [Paperback]. This book contains everything you need to know to book, prepare for and sit the health, safety and environment test for managers and professionals. It contains all the questions and answers for tests taken from April 2012.

After consultation with industry we have refreshed the question bank and introduced new elements to the test structure. The new test now includes behavioural case studies, knowledge questions on respiratory risks, a dedicated chapter on CDM and an additional section on the environment.

There are behavioural case studies based on the core principles of the industry’s free film ‘Setting out’. The film explores what employers and sites must do for workers, and how workers need to behave and interact to constantly changing site conditions.

A dedicated set of respiratory risk questions have been created to help improve awareness and to promote necessary controls. It is widely recognised that management of health risks by industry have not improved at the same rate as improvements in the management of safety risks. Managing the environment goes hand in hand with health and safety. Therefore new questions have been introduced to help everyone understand some basic environmental responsibilities.

A revision DVD is available, which offers the chance to work through the whole question bank and complete simulated tests.

There are also separate publications that support the HS&E test for operatives and specialists, so please ensure that you are revising for the right test.


Health and Safety Law [Paperback] The estimated annual cost to society of health and safety failure is £18bn. The Government has recently set out targets for the first time which aim to reduce the impact of these failures by 30% over the next ten years.

The last decade has seen significant changes in the approach to health and safety legislation. It is no longer just dangerous industries for which regulation is vital. The rise in service sector industries has meant an increase in employees being exposed to risks such as musculo-skeletal injury and stress-related illnesses.

At a time when both public and private sector organisations are becoming ever more aware of the importance of promoting positive public images and enjoying good standing among stakeholders, safety specialists are keen to persuade managers to take a more comprehensive view of how health and safety can contribute to wider business objectives. It is no longer enough just complying with the minimum requirements of the law.